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Intuitive Meditation Series

Intuitive Meditation means taking the time to gently explore, awaken and recognize how your spirit and body communicate (to intuitively know yourself). As you expand and illuminate those quiet places within your body, you awaken those parts of you that are excited to be explored, expanded, and recognized. As you begin to grow and illuminate your inner world, your outer world begins to change. You knowingly begin to recognize your intuitive ability to Create Happiness, Joy, and Physical Well-Being. Come explore your Soul's Journey.


Intuitive Meditation

validates that your own Magic is Real!


~ You are Limitless ~

​Class Information

* Class is held on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings.​​

* Each Level is a 6-week class

**Missed joining the first week?**

Enrollment is still open during the second week of class!

Closed for third week onward.


*New Student: $225
Early Bird Discount $200 when you RSVP & per-pay,

ends 24 hours before start of a class.

*Repeating Student: $100
Retaking /refreshing a previously completed class.


​*Long distance? ​

These classes are available in person, zoom or phone.


* Please RSVP and secure your spot!





Intuitive Meditation I 

February 28th

March 7th,14th, 21st, 28th

April 11th, 2021

skip April 4th Easter

​ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

6 weeks

Intuitive Meditation II 

April 25th

May 2nd, 9th,16th, 23rd, 30th


​ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

6 weeks

prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation I

Intuitive Meditation III 


Dates to be announced

Intuitive Meditation IV 


Dates to be announced




Intuitive Meditation I 


Dates to be announced

Intuitive Meditation II 


Dates to be announced

Intuitive Meditation III 

November 2020

Dates to be announced

Intuitive Meditation IV 


Dates to be announced

Intuitive Meditation I 

will teach you tools,practices, and a basic language

and spiritual vocabulary:
* grounding
* golden suns
* aura
* much more!

In this class, you may become

aware of questions inside;

that you knew were there but did not know how to

articulate or to describe what you are sensing.


Intuitive Meditation 2

 includes more language, 

vocabulary, and tools such as:

* mocks ups & goals

* Hello

* language of Spirit

* language of Body

* chakras


and much more!


Intuitive Meditation 3 

blends & weaves Intuitive Meditation

1 and 2 with Intuitive Healing Hands.

This class further expands and explores that unique and

magical “YOU” that is limitless with infinite Possibilities!

This next class you will explore:
* crown chakra
* all colors
* healing
* being kind to yourself
* amusement
* much more
Come explore and have fun!


Intuitive Meditation 4

 deepens your exploration of spirit and body.

The spirit sees energy, the physical

body expresses energy through

sensation, feeling and emotion.

Intuitive Meditation Reawakens

your innate ability to:

* recognize energy

* see energy

* touch energy

* put words to what you are

seeing and touching