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Hands on Healing Program

Hands on Healing is to heal through touch.

Recognizing a person's ability to heal is personal.

Our ability to heal is a natural ability.

The Hands on Healing Program is a way to become aware and develop
communication between the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.

Wellness for everyone is different.
That is what makes this program so exciting; the limitlessness of the exploration.

How many different energy vibrations are there to
become aware of and how do we unite both bodies?

This connection and communication between physical and spirit body
creates a fulfilling journey of life as oneness (oneness is different for us all).



**Prerequisite: Meditation Series + 6 months of Intuitive Program**


For more information on this program please contact

Carrie - True Insights Director


*This Program Is Open

                 Class Information

* On-going Monthly program, which includes:

* One class instruction once a month

* One review class each month
* Personal healings each week

* 3 healing clinics

* One15-minute energy check with Marianne

* $200 - a month       


    310 - 529 - 5925

                 Please leave a voice message or text, Thank You

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