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Intuitive Development Program


Intuitive Learning through meditation is about you exploring 

and remembering yourself... as a body and you as a spirit.

True Insight assists you in Remembering and awakening your

Spiritual anatomy gaining access to your inner awareness,

and becoming conscious of your innate communication.

Becoming aware of your inner world empowers you, you

allow yourself to create life with more validating experiences.

Your outer world begins to reflect your inner change. You begin

to grow and learn more about Yourself! Magical!        



Prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation Series


** To register please speak with our Director Carrie **


Class Information


* Sunday afternoons ~ 3:30 - 6:00 pm ~ 2-1/2 hours

and or

 *Wednesday evenings ~ 7:00 - 9:00 pm ~ 2 hours



* $200/month


* ​This program is available in person, zoom. 


* If you are interested in this program or any

other program, workshop, class or healing clinics

here at True Insight you can call

(310) 529-5925

or email us at:

Some of what you will be learning in this program:

* Your ability to communicate past lives

* meaning of colors that you see

* 6th chakra and the your ability to see energy

* you will learn - remember more and more and more and more

the journey is limitless fun and what an Adventure!

*Your inner knowing and innate wisdom as a soul

in a human body Connects!


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