Intuitive Program


Intuitive Learning is about you as a spirit and you as a body. 

True Insight assists you in awakening your awareness as a spirit.

As you access your inner awareness of spirit,

you become conscious of your innate communication with the

Creator/Supreme Being and know you are of that source.

As you become aware of your inner world your outer

begins to change, you begin to allow yourself to create a life with more

validating experiences that empower you to want to grow

and learn more about Yourself! Magical!




Prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation Series


** To register please speak with our Director Carrie **


Class Information


* Sunday afternoons ~  3:30 - 6:00 pm ~ 2-1/2 hours

 *Wednesday evenings ~  7:00 - 9:30 pm ~ 2-1/2 hours


* On-going program

* $200/month


* ​This program is available in person, zoom or phone.

* If you are interested in this program or any

other program, workshop, class or healing clinics

here at True Insight you can call


 or email us at:

Some of what you will be learning in this program:

* ability to communicate past lives

* meaning of colors

* 6th chakra and the ability to see energy

* you will learn more and more and more and more

the journey is limitless fun and what an Adventure!



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