Be At White ~ TM Healing Clinic

B.A.W. - T. M. healings are silent healings.
Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body.
These healings are unique and very powerful.

Often the healers don't speak while giving this silent and

powerful healing which lasts about 8 -10 minutes, followed by
about 3 - 4 minutes of communication after the healing is complete. 
These healings are done by our advanced healers!

B.A.W. - T.M. Healing Clinic

*Tuesday evenings:

    7:45 - 8:45pm  

* In person drop-in healings:

  No appointment needed


**Please review our location and parking information prior to your visit!​​​***


* $10 / Guests      

   $8 / Current T.I.S.C. Students

* Long distance:​

The healings are available remotely by phone you can also text.

Contact us so we can book your phone appointment or text us your healing request! 📞


* Please make your donation by bringing cash, check,

  by calling us with PayPal/credit card/debit card

or go to the MORE tab and make your donation by pushing donation button:


Remote Healing Requests​​​


Suggested contribution is listed above.

  • Please make your suggested donation contribution at the time you text or prior to you phone call..

  • Phone healings can be made by calling or texting.

  • Phone healees will receive a call between 7:45 p.m - 8:45 p.m.

  • When Texting a healing please include your name and phone number and your healing request..

  • You can view all B.A.W.- T.M. healing dates for each month on our Calendar.

  • Thank you!

Please check the calendar for B.A.W. - T.M. healing dates.

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *

B.A.W. - T.M. Program takes one Tuesday per month for CLASS night. 

NO healings are available on "CLASS" nights.