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Be At White ~ TM Healing Clinic

B.A.W. - T. M. healings are silent.

Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body.
These healings are unique and very powerful.

​The healers will ask for your healing request and then go into a silent

healing meditation, 3 - 5 minutes. When finished you will receive

1- 3 minutes of verbal communication about your healing.

Your healing will be complete withing about 8 -10 minutes.
These healings are done by our advanced healers!

B.A.W. - T.M. Healing Clinic

*Tuesday evenings:

    7:45 - 8:45pm  

​* In person drop-in healings: No appointment needed

* Long distance phone healings or text remote healings:

Text ahead with name and number to confirm healing:



**When coming in person please review our location

and parking information prior to your visit!​​​***


* $5 Suggested Donation   


* Please make your donation by bringing cash, check, or go to

the MORE tab and make your donation by pushing donation button:

Remote Healing Requests​​​


Suggested donation is listed above.

  • Come in person no RSVP required

  • Phone healings can be made by calling or texting.

  • Phone healees will receive a call between 7:45 p.m - 8:45 p.m.

  • When Texting a healing please include your name and phone number and your healing request..

  • You can view all B.A.W.- T.M. healing dates for each month on our Calendar.

  • Thank you!

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *

B.A.W. - T.M. Program students takes the last Tuesday of the month for a "CLASS" night. 

NO healings are available on "CLASS" nights.


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