Be At White ~ TM Program

The Be At White ~ TM program is about experiencing oneself as spirit.

Our natural ability to move in and out of the body knowingly.
With awareness, we will explore consciousness.


This is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical.


Happiness is no longer a future pursuit but a state of being in the present.




Image by Timothy Eberly

​​Prerequisite: True Insights

Intuitive Meditation Series and Intuitive Program


​​Class Information


      * Tuesday evenings: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm 


      * On-going monthly program, which includes:

                * Class 2nd Saturday of each month with Cody

                * Class review last Tuesday evening of each month

         * Tuesday Evening Healing Clinics


      * $200/month


​​      * Long distance: ​This program is available remotely!!


    For more information please contact Carrie