Kundalini Program

~Awakening the creativity and physicality within~



Kundalini Meditation is designed to awaken one’s

consciousness to the body’s wisdom, the universal
nature of the soul, and one’s spirituality. 


Awakening Kundalini raises consciousness, develops
intuition, and unlocks unlimited creative potential!

In this class learn:

*  where Kundalini begins

 *  to turn on and off your Kundalini

*  to run your Kundalini

*  to heal your physical body

*  to expand your spiritual awareness

*  to become aware of kundalini’s innate abilities……

*  How to unlock and align your unique expression of Kundalini energy
and embrace your potential in this world.

A grounded, capable, safe space to awaken into new levels of spiritual awareness!


Kundalini energy (physical) can be experienced as the chakras (spiritual)

connecting and communicating with each other. 

As you awaken your Kundalini energy the chakras spin, creating a spiraling effect up the spine

and awaking the body's physical memory, creativity, and innate Wisdom.


Kundalini energy will turn on to protect the body. When Kundalini
energy turns on and begins to travel without communication between
the physical body and the spiritual body, it will sometimes release stored
and unconscious energies in the body.

This movement can be surprising,intense, and the physical body

may express it in ways such as psychosomatic
illness, unusual rashes, anxiety, vertigo, heat, etc!




Class Information

*Everyone Welcome! No Pre-requisites or Experience Necessary
(Intuitive Meditation I is helpful)

* Saturday, March 21st, 2020 ~  10:00 am - 1:00 pm  


* $180 / New Student & At the door (Day 1 of class)      

   $130 / Current T.I Student


* Please make your donation via the Paypal button below

            or by calling us at:


You may also pay day of workshop by

bringing cash or check.

**Please review our location and parking information here prior to your visit!​​​



There are two types of energy:

 Physical and Spiritual.
Kundalini is a Physical energy.


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