Talking with the Dead Workshop

Please join us and instructor Judy Nelson for an insightful day 

exploring life & conversation with those who have passed on!


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  • Saturday, November 2nd 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Appropriate for both Beginners and Advanced Students

  • Early Bird:  $60/ (Day of) At the door:  $75
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  • Class Materials: Your wonderful self & snacks to share!                  


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Come celebrate the sacred energy of The Day of the Dead

by learning skills to telepathically talk with our loved ones

who have passed over to the Astral Dimension.


We are divine sparks of light in physical form, and when we die, all that dies is the body. 

Your Higher Spiritual Self is eternal, and it journeys lifetime to lifetime gathering wisdom. 

In between lifetimes, it dwells on the Astral Dimension, planning its next adventure for the

soul’s  evolution.  It is in these “in between” times that we can talk to those who have

passed over. It is a beautiful skill, and easier than you imagine. 

In this course, learn to invite this kind of conversation to occur. 

Understand the different perspective our loved ones gain once they fly free from

this earthly dimension,

and how your dialogue with them can help you, too, gain a new perspective on life.

Participants should bring pictures of their loved ones that have passed over that they

wish  to dialogue with.



Instructor Judy Nelson

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