“The 1-2-1 Program has been a roller coaster ride of spiritual movement. It’s a totally new way to blow pictures and take steps. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to explore their spiritual growth in a new way.”
– JM


“A deeper understanding of the self. It brings all the previous [intuitive] programs together.”
– Anonymous 


“The One to One Program at True Insight has opened up my connection to the spark of the divine within myself.”
– S


“The One-to-One class has helped me take bigger steps with my intuition and in my life! I feel more grounded and empowered and have a broader sense of myself, others, and the world.”
– Lani C.


“My experience with the 1 to 1 program at True Insight has been extremely positive. It’s a great way to deprogram the past and bring areas of my life into present-time. Huge growth period! Cody is a wonderful teacher!”
– L

“1-2-1 Program has helped me see aspects of myself I was not aware of. It’s helped me to become more in-touch with my strengths and weaknesses so I have more room to create the life I deserve.”
– JM


“The One-To-One Program enabled me to reach a much deeper level of understanding about myself, and to heal on levels not previously attainable though my regular energy and meditation practice.”
– JC

One-To-One Program



 New Program Formulating for 
 JANUARY 2018 

Graduate Program

with Cody Edner

Please contact us if you are interested in joining and to be added to the "Notify Me" list for when this program begins again!


Sorry, this 20-month program is not a "jump-in" program.

We welcome all new participants to join us on the new start date;

enrollment is closed thereafter. 



RSVP Registration:


$150 / month


To register, please speak with our Director (Carrie).



Advanced clairvoyant graduates can explore the
realms of oneself beyond the Intuitive Program.


-  20-month program

-  Chakra portals
-  Karmic doorways
-  Automatic control mechanisms; the “3 parts” of you
-  Your personal power
-  Beyond your “threshold” 
-  Neutral spaces betwixt and between the clairvoyant      
has prepared you to peer into the deeper,
   timeless places of your spirit.

- With each class, you will be exchanging communication with a fellow student!

- Each month includes a 15-minute energy check with Carrie or staff


When Lewis Bostwick taught this program, it was considered the pinnacle, the best of all the classes. Many went through all the programs just to take this one. You will find that after you do it, much of what has been a problem or resistant in your life begins to flow with simplicity. This program will accelerate your spiritual path.


Completion of the TISC Intuitive Clairvoyant Program or Completion of a "Lewis Bostwick/BPI”-style Clairvoyant training program at an alike establishment.

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