"True Insight is a great place to learn and their guest David Pearce is fantastic! I hope you have an amazing and extremely successful event."

Raphaelle Tamura

"I've known David for over 35 yrs and he is a tremendous teacher, clairvoyant and friend. You won't find a better man."

Mary Bell Nyman


Men's Class

with David Pearce of Intuitive Way Center

Begins Saturday, January 14th
10 am - 11:15 am
5-week class


This class is an opportunity to use your intuitive abilities to explore and heal 5 significant relationships in your life that play a big role in shaping how you see yourself as a man. 

Each week we will focus on one of these relationships:

1. Your body:
get in touch with your male energy, run it in the body and clear any blocks, invalidation or control energies which have limited your ability to have this energy as a source of power in your life.

2. Your mother:
clear your mother’s energy out of your body. Separate from her guilt, protection and perfect pictures so that you can more clearly see and walk your own path.

3. Women: 
become neutral to female energy, healing those triggers that put you into a space of resistance and powerlessness when you encounter this energy.

4. Your father:
take back any seniority you have given up to your father, or father figures, and reclaim your power.

5. Men:
clear those energies that interfere with your ability to have friendships with men and enjoy that powerful validation.

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