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Prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation Series

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  Sunday Afternoons                                  Wednesday & Thursdays Evenings         3:30 - 5:45 pm                                                              7 - 9:30 pm          

   Ongoing Program                                                    Ongoing Program


Intuitive Learning is about you as a spirit and you as a body. True Insight assists you in awakening your awareness as a spirit.

As you access your inner awareness of spirit, you become conscious of your innate communication with the Creator/Supreme Being and know you are of that source. As you become conscious of Creator/Supreme Being, you create a life full of magical, validating experiences that empower you to want to grow and learn more about Yourself!



First 6 month segment:

* The ability to read past lives

* past lives

* meaning of colors

* 6th chakra's ability to see energy

* and more!


Enjoy this lovely review from a Intuitive Program graduate, Shanna: 


"I went into the Intuitive Program at True Insight filled with doubts. For years, I took my friends' and family’s ideas of what the world was and wasn’t – what my world was and wasn’t – to heart; and my heart, after years of being filled with other people’s ambitions and dreams, was cracked, and longing for… something. I didn’t know what.


Before joining the Intuitive Program at True Insight, I had a tendency to make up for my doubts by trying desperately to be everything I was told I was supposed to be: I was a straight-A student, an honor roll kid; I kept down a job throughout high school; I went into college, and into a professional life where I succeeded in a very tough field. I did everything I was told would make me a well-rounded, well-liked, worthy individual – but worthy of what?


What I now know, and what participating in the intuitive program helped me to learn, is that I was not trying to figure out what would make me worthy, I was trying to figure out what would make me… me – regardless of anyone else’s opinions on the matter. I started asking what types of people did I want in my life? How did I want to spend my time? The answers were sometimes surprising, and sometimes not; but they were always mine.


I could wax on about all of the nifty things you get to do as a part of the intuitive program at True Insight. Yes, you’ll learn to be more present and in-the-moment as you walk through the world. You’ll learn to hone your intuition and your second sight. You’ll see people’s histories and life stories and learn to guide others to revelations in their personal and spiritual lives. However, the most important revelations will be those that you guide yourself to – those “a-hah” moments you’ll come to when a piece of yourself that had previously eluded you clicks into place and you love it and it loves you and you get a glimpse into the bigger picture of your life.


Needless to say, my life has changed a great deal since that first intuitive class. I’ve since graduated the program, but use the tools I learned almost every day. I still have bad days and good days, but I’ve also found a type of peace. I’ve rediscovered how unique I am, and how unique my understanding of the world is. I speak my mind more often and am less afraid of the consequences. I have a deep knowing that I am worth listening to. I don’t expect everyone to hear me, but I tell you what – I hear me; and that has made a world of difference.


You’re here for a reason. You’re here, on this earth at this time to do something special, and only you can do it. If you choose to join the intuitive program, the teachers at TI and your fellow students can become a family of like-minded people who will help you grow into your knowing, and into yourself, as bright and shiny as you were always meant to be. Only you know what depths or heights that may bring.


Hugs from here to there, which is a much smaller distance than you might think."

- Shanna

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