Hands On Healing Program

Classes start October 2019

Introduction evening September 30th, 7:30-8:30PM

The Hands On Healing Program is monthly & on-going

$200 / month
Meeting twice a month on Monday evenings

7:00 - 9:15 PM

Each Month will include:
Personal healings each week

+ One 15-minute Energy Check with Carrie or staff

(Prerequisite: Meditation Series + 6 months of Intuitive Program)



Hands on Healing is to heal through touch.

Recognizing a person's ability to heal is personal.
Our ability to heal is a natural ability.

The Hands on Healing Program is a way to become aware and develop
communication between the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.

Wellness for everyone is different.
That is what makes this program so exciting; the limitlessness of the exploration.

How many different energy vibrations are there to
become aware of and how do we unite both bodies?

This connection and communication between physical and spirit body
creates a fulfilling journey of life as oneness (oneness is different for us all).


Students in the Hands on Healing Program rediscover their own
healing abilities to heal themselves and validate others wellness.


(This is a Graduate Program. Senior Students of the Intuitive Program or
other alike programs from similar schools are Welcome!)


"Before joining the Hands on Healing program it was always my favorite healing to receive. When I discovered as part of this program you get a healing every single week I signed up immediately!


This program is so different than the active, verbal communication of the other Advanced Programs. It's a whole new way to experience energy release; becoming more aware of the with the physical body aspect of energy movement, recognizing how and where we hold energy in our bodies and the correlation between our physical body and spiritual body. It's incredibly powerful and rejuvenating.


Even after almost three years I'm still in awe of the magical, powerful energy release caused by the quiet movement of gentle, physical touch."


- Jill M.

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