Crystal Energy Healing Class


Please join us and instructor Judy Nelson for a magical day working with crystals!


Class Information


  • Sunday, August 18th 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

  • Appropriate for both Beginners and Advanced Students

  • Early Bird:  $95/ (Day of) At the door:  $110
    (Save $15 Early Bird Discount when you RSVP &
    pre-pay! Ends 24 hours before start of a class. Class will be fully                          refunded before 72 hours, after the 72 hours it will be applied                                            to another class.)

  • Class Materials: Crystals, Yoga Mat, Blanket                                        (if you prefer to use your own) & snacks to share!

                                                               (Scroll down to see a list of crystals required)                                                                                            

  • We invite you to take advantage of 15% off discount                            we are offering at Create & Express (one day only) when purchasing crystals required for class. 

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  • Please RSVP via phone: 310-640-2211 or by donating 

                                                   below via PayPal 

                                                               (Please include your name, workshop/class name and date in the                                                                                              message area after paying.)


This course will teach you about the properties of healing crystals and

 how to do an intake interview to determine the focus of the healing.


Crystals have clear, gentle, loving energy vibrations that sooth, heal and balance the

human spirit. They have been used for thousands of years as a healing modality

because they vibrate with pure life force energy. It is fun and easy to learn how their healing powers can be used to help all living things, including humans, animals and plants.


These are skills that will connect you deeply and intuitively with our healing

gems that this planet graciously provides us in its infinite wisdom and love.

Living with crystals and using them in healing creates a

beautiful synergy between humans and the earth and helps us raise our

energy frequency to a higher level.

This contributes to the evolution of all. 


Crystals for each chakra (at least one):

1st Chakra: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Red Garnet, Red Jasper & Smoky Quartz

2nd Chakra: Blue Jasper, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine & Tiger's Eye

3rd Chakra: Amber, Malachite, Rodochrosite, Smithsonite & Topaz

4th Chakra: Aventurine, Jade, Kunzite, Watermelon Tourmaline & Rose Quartz

5th Chakra: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Turquoise & Lazurite

6th Chakra: Blue Flourite, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire & Sugilite

7th Chakra: Fire Agate, Lumerian Golden Quartz, Lepidolite, Moldavite & Opal


Instructor Judy Nelson

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