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"Since joining True Insight, I have experienced a new dimension of creative self-discovery expanding me beyond who I thought I am, into who I am in Spirit. Confidence and self-esteem have emerged.  The True Insight community has very special individuals who come together for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth; for this I am forever grateful."

— M

"My experience with True Insight has been an incredible adventure.  The classes there have helped me grow into a much better version of myself... more present, more grateful, and 100% more resilient to any circumstance that shows up in my life. This has made a huge difference in my business,  my relationship with my wife, and in being a great father to my young children."

— Ruben

"I arrived on the doorstep of True insight feeling pretty lost. After 10 years of psychotherapy, I was still plagued with the ghosts of early childhood. After 4 years of attending classes, workshops and eventually becoming a student in the Intuitive Program, I finally feel like myself - but like, myself for real. I am more self-confident and able to hold my seniority in life - my creativity has expanded and so has my Havingness for all the good in life I now know I am worthy to receive. Thank you, True Insight!"

— Stacie Y.

 "Validated:  I’ve always had questions on why? Why I am here? What is the purpose of me being born? Why I was born into the family that I was born in? What’s the story behind the relationships that I am in? What does my own life really mean? In essence I’ve come to know myself more and more. Not that I have achieved a level of knowingness about myself that doesn’t need continual exploring and redefining. But, I will say that my understanding of myself and the world around me is a much clearer picture than it was before. And that brings me a sense of joy and peace. Gratitude to Carrie, Gary and to all others that have participated in the continual development and growth of our school."

— Chris N.


"The best thing I have ever done with my life is take classes here. I learned how to get my own answers and trust them. I have learned how to help myself out of any twisty situation I have gotten myself into. I have learned how to truly be happy. I have learned how to connect to the best parts of myself. I have learned a truly unique and solid way to find answers to questions that may gone forever unanswered. I found the doorway to a whole new world. :)"

— Karla G.


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