12 Strands of DNA


8-Week Class with Carrie & Lilith

Begins TBD!



Last date to join class: TBA

7 pm - 9:30 pm

*Lets change up our old DNA patterns!*

Are you using patterns in your DNA that are not working for you today?

Are you using your family DNA patterns literally ~ lock, stock and barrel?

DNA is how we look, feel, learn, relate to life, etc.


Today, we are different than we used to be; physically, mentally and spiritually. Our old DNA life patterns progress and shift gradually as we live our lives. 

In this series of classes we will:

* Identify with our Higher Self

* Work with your Akashic Records 

 ~that is part of you~ ~

* Work with your Akashic Record Keeper

~ records your souls journey~

* Activate each strand one by one ~

~0 through  12~

* Awaken the vibrations, frequencies, sound 

and light encoded within them.

This allow us to perceive present-time consciousness, understand the relationship between body, spirit, and how everything in life works together.

Enjoy the Miracle and Magic of Transformation


Completion of Intuitive Meditation 1 Class
Everyone is Welcome!

Current TISC Students



Returning Students
(Have taken DNA class before)




RSVP: 310-640-2211

Introduction to your DNA

~ Activate your present time DNA ~
Today, we are different than we used to be; physically and mentally.
Our old DNA life patterns progressing and shifting gradually as we live
our lives. The change is apparent for some; evident by energy releasing,
no longer part of our present time frame work.
Life as we once knew it is ever-changing and unpredictable.
How does one keep up with all of this change?

Well, it has to do with our DNA...
within the lateral strands of DNA

12 strands that assist us in transition allow us to
perceive present time consciousness,
understand the relationship between body and spirit
and how they work together.

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